Congratulations! You have just entered, the world's premiere fiber weave specialist for fine motor cards. From elegant driver to concours champion, we offer complete and innovative solutions for your fiber weave needs, combining peerless craftsmanship and aesthetic design.

This website is a new and exciting addition to With emphasis on wood restoration and being THE accessories specialist for fine motor cards, Rau brings over 25 year excellence in automotive woodwork and restoration to the carbon fiber world.

This website showcases a portfolio of our beautiful and intricate fiber weave work.

Not all carbon fiber is equal. We use real fiber and bond directly to factory parts with an excellent epoxy that thoroughly wets the fiber and forms a permanent bond to the factory parts. The result is a beautiful and long-term upgrade without equal.

After removing the original finish, we veneer (flitch-cut) the original factory parts with an industrial waterproof adhesive under vacuum pressure and heat forming a permanent bond. For fiber we employ a series of epoxies designed to thoroughly wet the fiber during lay up and then build a clear, durable coating. (The proper epoxy viscosities are critical at this stage. If the fiber is not thoroughly wettedŁ it can lead to both cosmetic and adhesion failures.) Another step that is overlooked or eliminated by some manufacturers cutting corners is the need to properly post-cure epoxies to fully develop the glass transition temp.

After all of this careful attention to detail, parts are sprayed with clear coats that have high uv filtration, then sanded and polished for a very deep high gloss finish. Matte versions receive a matte/satin finish.



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